The Time is Now!

Breakfree Campers on the Gold Coast provides the premier holiday destinations! How? You drive to the location you love, and you park there, you have your accommodation with you.

Breakfree Campers provides our clients with a level of freedoms not usually possibly with most holidays. When you book a hotel, you are bound to one location, but with Breakfree Campers you have the freedom to move around.

 Take Time Now!

2020 and 2021 have been uncertain to say the very least, but hopefully we have all learned to seize the day.

When it comes to wanting a holiday – take it!

When it comes to having a break – take one!

In the world of snap lockdowns – don’t wait.

Why Take A Campervan Holiday?

Lockdowns have been a necessary evil. On one hand lockdowns have given us time with our loved ones and they have taught us to appreciate the simple things in life, so it stands to reason that many people are getting back to nature, back to basics, and enjoying the freedom to choose where they go and when they go there – that’s where Breakfree Campers come in, we provide a range of campervans to fit singles, couples and families of all shapes and sizes. Our campers are affordable, clean, and lots of fun!

A campervan is a great way to see as much as possible, as quickly and conveniently as possible with all the creature comforts you could want.

Imagine sitting under the stars at night, and watching the waves roll in at sunrise, it is an idyllic scenario that many of our customer cherish about their time in a Breakfree Camper.

Eat Under The Stars!

With cooking facilities, bedrooms, an air-conditioned living area and the ability to drive to your next destination a Breakfree Camper is the ideal escape for anyone that wants freedom and their creature comforts.

All our campervans include cooking facilities and equipment so you can whip up a culinary storm and spare the expense of eating out. Eating under the stars is a well-documented perk of a Breakfree Camper from the Gold Coast.

It Is Time To Make New Memories

Life as we know it has changed, how we deal with it is up to us; make the most of life with an adventure that you and your family and/or friends will remember for years to come.

We have sat and reminisced for long enough about adventures past, it is time to make new memories, and what better way than hitting the open road and stopping at new and exciting places as you go. Enjoy beaches, mountains, rainforests, city landscapes, you choose!

Breakfree from the Norm!

Book a Campervan Holiday on the Gold Coast

Book your campervan holiday adventure with Breakfree Campers on the Gold Coast and hit the open road.

Enjoy life under the stars, wake up to the waves crashing on the beach, the birds chirping in the trees, and the smell of fresh drew on the grass. Step out on to a new adventure every day!

What’s next? The choice is yours.

Call Breakfree Campers on the Gold Coast on 07 5572 4203 to book your next adventure.