Take a Roadtrip with Breakfree Campers!

Take a Roadtrip with Breakfree Campers!

Queensland is a big and beautiful state to explore. Jumping in a Breakfree Camper is a great way to see and do all the things Queensland has to offer, but to ensure your road trip is less National Lampoons Vacation we have some handy hints and tips.

Tips for an Awesome Roadtrip!

Always plan ahead where possible. Whilst it is great to hit the open road and explore, planning for bad weather conditions is a must. Be prepared for tropical weather in the summer, and cold weather in the winter. By checking the weather conditions, you can ensure there are no nasty surprises.

Get your road trip music playlist sorted in advance. Having the right tunes can make your road trip! Like and download all your favorite songs on Spotify and it won’t matter what your reception is like you can still crank up your favorite Jimmy Barnes tune.

It isn’t always the destination that counts, sometimes it’s the journey! Take the road less travelled and enjoy an authentic taste of Australia off the beaten track.

Try new eateries, diners, and restaurants along the way, sometimes the best culinary gems can be found by chance.

Pack food and drinks for the trip. Having plenty of cold water and some snacks and make for a much more enjoyable road trip between destinations.

Ensure you know where the next servo is. There’s nothing worse than running out of gas on a road trip, so fill up when you can and always be aware of the next service station’s location.

Call Breakfree Campers! By calling Breakfree Campers you can set out on the road knowing you have a fully maintained vehicle for your big adventure.

 Call Breakfree Campers on the Gold Coast

Call Breakfree Campers on the Gold Coast and enjoy an amazing road trip with family, friends, or even a solo voyage.