Rainy Day Fun

Campervans can provide a reprieve from the day hustle and bustle of life; you set off on the open road and when you see somewhere you like you stop and you have your accommodation all sorted.

The campervan life lends itself to an outdoorsy lifestyle, long walks on the beach, playing in the surf, and hiking in the mountains; when you think of setting off you think of all the adventures you will embark on and all the fresh air you’ll be getting, but what about if it rains?

Games to play on a Rainy Day

When it comes to the campervan lifestyle, it does pay to be prepared for those rainy days. Whilst you can visit local landmarks, museums, cinemas, bowling, restaurants, if you are trying to live the simple life, nothing beats a good game with friends and/or the family.

At Breakfree Campers we have a few favourite games that do not fail to amuse and entertain.

If you have younger kids on board, you can’t look past snakes and ladders or ludo, family favourites that have stood the test of time, these classics will give you hours of family fun. The loser does the dishes tonight!

Dobble is a great family game. Match the symbols before your opponents do. You’ll see the competitive streak come out in even the meekest of family members, as lighting quick reactions and a keen eye are key to success in this game.

Amateur sleuths will love a game of Cluedo; a great game for young and old, you need to visit each room and find the clues to who committed the murder. Using your powers of deduction, you’ll need to work out whether it was Professor Plum in the Library with the dagger, or was it someone else? Expose the murderer, the weapon, and the room the crime was committed to win the game.

Played with family and friends, this game is a hoot! Speak Out is a mouthpiece challenge, you place a plastic mouthpiece in your mouth and try to read some tongue twisters to your team members, who are trying to work out what the heck you are saying! You are working against the clock, and against your ability to stop laughing, you won’t stop laughing!

A campervan classic for adult is Cards Against Humanity. Self-marketed the party game for horrible people, this game will have you crying with laughter. Unless you buy the child-friendly packs, this is definitely an over 18’s game. Cringe, laugh, gasp, and dismay at the horrifying and funny rounds that Cards Against Humanity is well-loved for.

Breakfree from it all with Breakfree Campers

Breakfree Campers are perfect for backpackers, families, singles and groups of friends, and with these games to play on a rainy day and/or in the evening you can guarantee you’ll have hours of fun and memories that last a lifetime.

Call Breakfree Campers in Gold Coast and Brisbane on 07 5572 4203 and get ready for your next adventure.