Ideas to keep your kids happy on your next road trip

Sure, you could hand your kids an iPad to keep them busy on a road trip, but they probably already do enough of that. Here’s some ways to banish the boredom on a car trip from the screen.

Here’s 2 fun travel games that will help make your trip go faster and give you a few laughs. The great thing is all you need is a pen and some paper.

I Went Shopping

This is a memory game where each person playing says ‘I went shopping and I bought…’. From that statement they need to add an item to the list in alphabetical order. The first person for example might say ‘I went shopping and bought apples’. The next person repeats the list and then adds another item beginning with the next letter of the alphabet e.g. ‘I went shopping and bought apples and bananas’, then the next person might say ‘I went shopping and bought apples, bananas, and cheese’. A person is out if they get an item wrong or can’t remember. Tip: It helps to have a moderator to write down the shopping list items as it grows.

20 Questions

Kids love asking questions and even the younger ones can join in. One player starts by choosing a person, place, or thing that they want to be. Each person guessing then takes a turn at asking a question to uncover who or what the player is. Questions must be directed as yes or no questions. After asking a question, players are allowed one guess at the answer. The game continues until a player guesses correctly, then the next person has a go.

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